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A few hours in Malmö, the “little town” of Sweden: is it worth it?

Malmö, one of my favorite city when I was a child that used to play with a game where you have to establish your commercial company in the pirates years.

I have to say that the adjective “little” is not well suited for this town. In fact Malmö is an important city in Sweden, however the city center is very small and you can see it all in just a few hours.

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How to reach Malmö from Copenhagen

Since this little city is very near to Copenhagen, I recommend to you to take the Swebus bus from the airport (Terminal 2, in front of P10). The travel time is 45 minutes (including the border controls).

The price of the bus ticket is equal to 54 SEK (more or less 5€). I highly recommend to you this option since one of my favorite trip part was crossing the Øresund bridge.

Keep in mind that if you prefer to drive by yourself the price is not so low. 59€ by car (55€ if bought online). 118€ for a vehicle from 6 to 10 meters long, 15 meters maximum with the trailer (or 110€ online). You can buy the online tickets 30 minutes prior your entrance in this website.

What to see in Malmö

  • Øresund Bridge
  • Turning Torso
  • Malmö Castle
  • St. Peter’s Church
  • Kungsparken
  • Pildammsparken

The center is little but it’s very characteristic

This city center is not one of the best I’ve ever seen, I’ve to be clear with this. It’s not special but.. it’s characteristic. You’ll find some houses and buildings that you won’t find anywhere.

This was our walk tour through the city center (keep in mind that this is an idea, I don’t remember exactly the road we did, but I suggest it to go through the city center and then up to the Malmö Castle).

Our walk tour in Malmö (more or less)
The city center
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A (very) ancient building
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Modern architecture
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The Malmö Castle