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How to spend well four days in Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen is a gem of the Northern Europe. When you visit it, you’ll see that this city has so many different faces that everyone will love it for sure. In this article I’ll tell you how we spent our days in Copenhagen.

You could hate or love the strange Christiania zone, and the same for the others part of this eccentric but at the same time quiet city.

This is part of our North Europe Tour: click here to read more.

How to reach the city center from the airport

There are three options to reach the city center from the airport:

  • Bus: 5A (also during the night) – 35 – 36
  • Train: every 10 minutes
  • Metro: every 4–6 minutes during the day and evening hours, 15–20 minutes at night; travel time: 15 minutes.


Prices in Northern Europe are not so low, you probably know this. However in Copenaghen you can find many discount supermarket with prices that are not so high (consider that we come from North Italy).

For example, you can find a little bottle of water (0.5 liter) with a price of 3€ in the city center. Avoid it. Choose a discount market like Netto. You’ll see that a small bottle of water (0.5 liter) will cost you only 0.5€.

About the means of transports, we never took one during our stay. You can see all the city by bicycle and renting one won’t hurt your wallet (I recommend you to try out Donkey Republic rent service using your smartphone).

What to see in Copenhagen

  • Tivoli Gardens
  • The Little Mermaid
  • Nyhavn
  • Amalienborg
  • Rosenborg Castle
  • Christiansborg Palace
  • The Round Tower
  • Frederik’s Church
  • City Hall Square
  • Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek
  • Opera House
  • Kastellet
  • Zoo
  • The King’s Garden
  • Copenhagen City Hall
  • National Aquarium Denmark
  • Langelinie
  • Botanical Garden
  • Frederiksberg Gardens
  • Torvehallerne
  • Amager Strandpark

DAY 1: from Christianshav to Nyhavn, here starts our days in Copenhagen

Our days in Copenhagen started from the south part of the city.

The first part of the city that I saw when I was in Copenhagen is Christiania. And it’s also the worst one (IMHO, of course!).

Christiania is an “independent self-proclaimed area” that for some time in the past was saw from the world as the best example of “self-management”. However in my eyes I saw only three things: dirt, cannabis and many tourists.

I’m very sorry because I was expecting so much, but for me Christiania looks like a (very) old and partially ruined and out-of-time Disneyland for adults. Absolutely not the “example of self-management government” that many people talked about in the past.

days in Copenhagen

Hopefully Copenhagen is totally different. It is a beautiful, clean, well organized city. I would say that it is one of the most enjoyable cities I’ve ever seen in the world, in Europe for sure!

Copenhagen is a gem of the Northern Europe

Near Christiania you’ll find the zone of Christianshavn with the beautiful church of Vor Frelsers Kirke (Church of Our Saviour), inaugurated in 1695. This church is also famous for its carillon, the largest of North Europe. From 8am to midnight you can hear its melodies every hour.

days in Copenhagen
The beauty of Vor Frelsers Kirke

Another beautiful spot reachable by walk from Christianshavn is the Botanisk Have, a free botanical garden where you can feel the true nature although you are absolutely in the city center of the town.

days in Copenhagen
This is the Botanisk Have

Always by walk, we visited (only outside) the Rosenborg Castle and the the King’s Garden (Kongens Have).

days in Copenhagen
Rosenborg Castle inside the Kongens Have

However, the best place in the city is Nyhavn, a “17th-century waterfront, canal and entertainment district”. Originally notorious for beer, sailors, and prostitution, Nyhavn is now a place rich of bar, restaurants, old ships used for tours and also modern buildings.

days in Copenhagen

DAY 2: from Nyhavn to the Kastellet and The Little Mermaid

From Nyhavn you can walk on the sea shore and go up to the Kastellet, one of the best preserved fortresses in Northern Europe. Today this area houses various military activities. However it mainly serves as a public park and a historic site.

days in Copenhagen
The Kastellet

Walking through the river will brought you to the famous bronze statue of The Little Mermaid (Den lille Havfrue in Danish). Made by Edvard Eriksen, the statue depicting a mermaid becoming human.

Don’t expect to see a great statue. It’s small enough that to see it you’ll have to wait some time because there will be many peoples in front of it.

days in Copenhagen
The Little Mermaid
days in Copenhagen
Some houses in the city center

DAY 3: you can’t miss Copenhagen Zoo

After two days spent in the city center we decided to walk up to the Søndermarken park. And this is one of the best decision we’ve ever made!

This beautiful park with many old trees was a superb discovery because it’s well tidy and, the best part, it seems to be frequented only by the locals.

days in Copenhagen
Søndermarken park
days in Copenhagen
Søndermarken park
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Inside it you’ll find the Copenhagen Zoo and you don’t have to enter to see the animals. Yes, you read it right.

Since it’s inside the Søndermarken park, you just have to walk through it and you’ll see many dedicate spot to see animals. There are also a special balcony to see elephants!

DSC 0329
DSC 0307

DAY 4: discovering Copenhagen’s suburbs by bike, the end of our days in Copenhagen

I love how well you can go around with a bike. One day we decided to do a small bike trip (30 kilometers) and it was one of the best thing we could do in Copenhagen. You’ll find a dedicated bicycle lane everywhere, included in the city center.

DSC 0051
These are the bikes we rent there

This is our bike tour through the city center up to Charlottenlund:

days in Copenhagen
DSC 0291
Copenhagen is one of the best cities in the world for bike lover
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Last night in Copenhagen: lights!