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North Europe tour through Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Estonia and Latvia

During summer 2018 I had an idea: visit as many countries as possible in only 20 days. In my original idea of this North Europe tour there was also the great Norway, however it was not possible to include it since it deserves more time.

Since we started from Italy, the best option (for money, of course) for us was flying to Berlin (Germany), stay there one night and then take the flight the next morning for Copenhagen.

Hey, do you prefer a classic and (very) relaxing holiday? We’ve you covered also for this one: Cape Verde is one of the underrated place on earth.

The North Europe tour stops

North Europe tour
Stops (click to go)Reached byWhere to stay
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CopenhagenPlaneHotels10% discount AirBnb
MalmöBusHotels10% discount AirBnb
StockholmTrainHotels10% discount AirBnb
HelsinkiPlaneHotels10% discount AirBnb
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RigaBusHotels10% discount AirBnb

How much does a trip like this costs?

Good question! Answer to it it’s not so easy. In fact it depend on your start point. A trip like this should cost around 900€, that includes all (planes, trains, ships, rooms and all other expenses like food, tours, etc).

Consider that these are ones of the more expensive countries in the world, so be prepared to make some choices during your trip if you’re in a budget.

Less than 1000€ for 20 days in North Europe visiting all these places is possible only if you pay attention carefully when you choose a supermarket, a restaurant, the means of transport, the rooms.

Moreover we always prefer to not go out in the night at pubs or private clubs. But this is up to you, we simply prefer to spend that money in other ways during our trips.

Berlin is the first stop of our North Europe tour

North Europe tour
Brandeburg Gate

Well, Berlin is not a very stop but I decided to add it since it deserves more than a short night stay, at least for me.

In fact, if I could, I would stay there for more, at least two days. The problem is that the first time I went in Berlin with my parents, I didn’t enjoy it at all. It was extremely hot that we couldn’t even see the city center during evening time.

But my thought about this city were totally wrong. Berlin is a beautiful city that deserves a long weekend. It’s a mix of ancient palace and new one, but a good and unique mix.

From the Schönefeld Airport you can take the RE7 or RB14 train. In less than half an hour you’ll be in the city center. The price? Only 3 euros. But there is also the subway, if you prefer it.

We stopped with the train at Alexanderplatz, where you can find everything for a dinner or just a meal.

We then walked up to the Brandenburg Gate. At night this walk is simply superb and I highly recommend to do it.

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Copenhagen is the gem of this North Europe tour

North Europe tour

We flew to Copenhagen from Berlin with the “low cost” Norwegian Airlines (yes, it is low cost but the treatment is very good).

When you landed in CPH Airport you’ll find a nice subway that will take you directly to the city center (15 minutes, you will need a ticket for three zones, which costs DKK 38, 5€ more or less).

If it’s not available (like the last year, for work in progress) there is a good train that for 36 DKK (a bit less than 5€) will take you more or less at the same place.

For more insights about our stay in the city we recommend you our dedicate article:

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Malmö: just a few hours

North Europe tour
City center

Malmö is not a real stop of our tour. However we decided to stay one day here since our bus from Copenhagen started early in the morning and the train from Malmö to Stockholm late in the evening.

I was expecting so much from this little town. The reason? It’s funny, be prepared. When I was a child I used to play with a game where you have to establish your commercial company in the pirates years. Malmö was an important maritime harbor for commercial reason during that years in the past.

Of course now is totally different and only minor things remain from its ancient maritime past. However if you go to Stockholm from Copenhagen I recommend you to make some hour stop here.

The best part was crossing by Bus the Øresund bridge: a beautiful piece of European architecture.

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Stockholm: two days are enough?

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Gamla Stan

After a day spent in Malmö, we took the train from the Malmö central station with direction Stockholm train station.

The SJ’s train is a bit old, but it’s clean and comfortable. It’s similar to the old Eurostar.

The distance from the two cities is equal to 600 kilometers, but the train is fast enough to cover it in 4 hours.

In Stockholm we stayed two days in this hotel, that I have to recommend to you since the price was very good, included a nice international breakfast.

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Helsinki and surroundings

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Helsinki is the northern city of our tour. To reach Helsinki from Stockholm you have three options:

  • Plane (easiest, fastest and maybe cheaper option)
  • Ship (more expensive and more slow)
  • Train (very good alternative if you want to explore more Finland countryside but you have many days available)

In this tour we visited Helsinki and its surroundings, especially the beautiful nordic city of Porvoo and the must-see island of Suomenlinna.

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Tallinn, the city that seems “fake”

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A view of a modern Tallinn behind the ancient one

From the West Terminal 2 in Helsinki we took the boat up to Tallinn. This is not the boat you have in mind. This is bigger, way bigger than you think.

This boat has 9 floors, one of them are dedicated to trucks and the other one to the cars. The others 7 floors are for humans (there are rooms with bed, big rooms with chairs, video games room and an enormous front hall dedicated to the bar and concerts.

You can save up to 10€ if you buy the ticket in time and via Internet.

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Riga is a beautiful Baltic city

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The last stop of our North Europe tour is this underrated city in Latvia. When someone thinks about Baltic city, 99% will think about Tallinn.

And this is not fair to me. Riga deserves more attention since it is a more authentic city and, also today, is pure and genuine like in the past.

We took a beautiful bus from Tallinn to reach Riga: the Lux Express. I highly recommend this bus to you since it’s very comfortable and inside you’ll find everything: from hot drinks to a touch screen tablet with all services (music, film, doc, etc).

The price is around 20€ (it depends on the day and the time) and the travel time is equal to 4 hours.

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