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Riga is a beautiful Baltic city and deserves at least three days

After Tallinn, we decided to take the bus with direction Riga. This Baltic city is less famous than Tallinn and this is not fair, at least to me.

Riga is a very beautiful gem of Northern Europe and I think that it deserves more attention than Tallinn.

Why? Well, because it’s more authentic and less.. “fake”!

This is part of our North Europe Tour: click here to read more.

How to reach Riga from Tallinn

To reach Riga from Tallinn or to go to Tallinn from Riga I recommend to you to take the LuxExpress bus. This bus is cheap (20€ more or less) and very comfortable. More infos here.


If Tallinn was cheap, especially outside the historic walls, Riga is also cheaper. And, best of all, you can eat very well, from traditional dishes to international ones.

We could stay here also more time

I loved this city and I could stay here more and more time. We across the center of this city more and more time but we never been bored.

All its houses, restaurants, pubs and the local people live their lives between modernity and tradition.

There is nothing to say for this city, just that you can walk and walk and again walk until your legs heart. This is a beautiful city and it deserves to be visited in its entirety.

About the main buildings that you have to see:

  • House of the Blackheads
  • St. Peter’s Church
  • The Freedom Monument
  • The Central Market
  • The Cathedral
  • The Castle
  • The Three Brothers building complex
  • Nativity of Christ Cathedral
  • Latvian National Opera

Of course this is just a general list. Follow it, if you want, and then try to get lost in the narrow street of the old city.

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