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Stockholm in two days: enough for a short city tour?

After one day spent in the “little” Malmö, we took the train for our Stockholm in two days. After 4 hours and 600 kilometers we reached our nice hotel, not too far from the center, in the middle of the night.

With only two days available and an outside temperature of more than 30°C, it was not so comfortable to see the city center by walk.

Luckily, as well as the other cities in the Northern Europe, also in the city center there are big park with big trees where you can stay fresh, especially during hot hours in the middle of the day.

This is part of our North Europe Tour: click here to read more.

How to reach Stockholm city center from the airport

Reaching the city center of Stockholm from the Arlanda Airport is very easy. You have two main options:

  • Bus of Flygbussarna: departures every 10 minutes and a total travel time of 45 minutes. You have many options to purchase the ticket: at the airport desk, automated machines, 7-Eleven, on board but only with cards but the best one is using Flygbussarna mobile app). Price is 99 SEK (9€ more or less.
  • Arlanda Express (high speed train): the cost is very high (295 SEK, more or less 27€). The travel time is 20 minutes.
  • Commuter trains (normal trains): the cost is high also in this case: 152 SEK, 14€ more or less. The travel time is 38 minutes.
  • FlixBus: the price is very cheap, 3.90€!

More infos here for the bus and here for the train.


Hey, you’re in Stockholm! You’ll ruin also the exterior of your wallet, not also the interior! Said someone..

The truth is that if you are a traveler like us, you won’t have any problem to survive also in this expensive city. In fact you’ll find the awesome Lidl, a discount market that if you live in Germany or Italy you know very well.

The prices inside Lidl are very similar to ours (North Italy). But if you go outside to eat, especially in Gamla Stan, you have to be prepared to pay.. a lot. I still have nightmares for what I paid for that banana.. oh man!

What to see in Stockholm

A brief list of the main spots:

  • Gamla stan
  • Vasa Museum
  • The Royal Palace
  • Skansen
  • Djurgården
  • Stockholm City Hall
  • Drottningholm Palace
  • ABBA The Museum (if you are a fan of this band)
  • Kungsträdgården
  • Södermalm

First Day of “the Stockholm in two days”

Stockholm in two days
We did, more or less, this tour

The first day was very very hot. It was July but I didn’t expect such a hot temperature. Anyway, with only two days available for us, we couldn’t waste any minutes of the day.

We started from the beautiful Stockholm City Hall. From its terrace you can see also the old city center (Gamla Stan) skyline.

It’s the building of the Municipal Council, and it houses offices, conference rooms, ceremonial halls and it is also the venue of the Nobel Prize banquet.

Gamla Stan, reachable by walk in just a few minutes, is the historical city center of Stockholm (in fact Gamla Stan means The Old Town in Swedish). It is inside the island of Stadsholmen.

We highly recommend to you to walk inside this island and lost yourself inside those small and narrow streets. You’ll find there also the Royal Palace and the Stockholm Cathedral.

Stockholm in two days
Stockholm City Hall
Stockholm in two days
Stockholm City Hall
Stockholm in two days
Gamla Stan

Day Two: a day in the Djurgården

Stockholm in two days

The day after we decided that another city center tour was equal to killed ourself. So we opt for another, and more fresh, destination: the Djurgården.

Inside the Djurgården you can find a gigantic park and a beautiful thematic and zoo: the Skansen.

Inside the Skansen, an “open-air Swedish history museum”, you can find buildings, people in costume and a zoo with Nordic animals.

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