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Welcome to Wonyg, the right place to find new ideas for your next travels

The first post for a new blog is always an emotional moment for me. Moreover, this is my first ”english blog”, after 10 years of “italian blogging”. I decided to open a blog using english language because I noticed that some people, during my travels and in the comment section of my YouTube channel, asked why I didn’t write in english but only in italian.

Of course, especially in these very first posts, you could notice some errors or typo. I really encourage you to comment or e-mail me if you have any corrections or useful tips to share with me.

Explore the World. Live the World.

Who I am?

My name is Francesco, actually I’m 26 years old and I’m a student of Finance.

I have also a blog (in italian language) that helps me to fund my travels.

I always travel with my girlfriend Greta.

Usually we travel with trains, planes or ships.

What you will find inside Wonyg?

Wonyg is a travel blog, so you’ll find all my experiences during my travels.

I’ll also post some reviews about restaurants, hotels, b&b and other places you should know before you reach that destination.

Why Wonyg?

Well, the million dollar question.

Wonyg is not an acronym. I decided this word because I like it but, more important, it’s easy to remember since it’s short.